Ilford ULF 2021

Ilford ULF 2022 Custom and Specialist Film Manufacture

ULF items are special order only. To get your hands on some you need to place your order with us before Friday 19 August 2022.

Ilford continues to make these hard to find film sizes available once a year. The Ilford ULF program allows film photographers the opportunity to place orders for a range of specialist film products and formats.

Film Photography Revival

Ilford wants to enable this film photography revival to continue. For this to happen it is vital that a wide range of film formats are available. These include film for ultra-large format and collectable cameras. Harman can consolidate these orders to supply products that would not normally be viable to manufacture. So, now is the time to dig out your old cameras.

A full list of the 2022 items is available on the Ilford website. The options available reflect what customers request the most over the past 17 years. Harman Technology is happy to consider any other size suggestions but does not guarantee to make them available. For sheet sizes, an order for just one single box can be made, but for roll sizes, this is not possible due to potentially excessive waste. Please see the minimums and multiples Ilford require next to the appropriate roll size.

Place Your Order

Films available for this year are Ilford FP4 Plus, HP5 Plus, and Delta 100. Not all films are available in all formats.

You must place your order no later than Friday 19 August 2022.  You can find the available sizes here: Ilford ULF 2022 PDF.

Simply drop us an email with the film and size you require. We’ll get back to you with a price and place your order with Ilford.

The factory will start to ship orders to us during October at which point we will inform you of your delivery date.


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