Black and White Paper Chemicals for Darkroom Developing.

Parallax Photographic sell Black and White Paper Chemicals! Lots of it. We love darkroom prints and aim to stock as wide a range as possible of papers and chemistry. You can buy darkroom chemicals from us online or from our London shop in Brixton.

Our current stock comes from Ilford, Kodak, Foma, Tetenal, Fotospeed and Rollei. We have a range of paper developers, stop bath, fix and toners.

As well as neutral paper developers like Ilford Multigrade or PQ, we do Ilford Warmtone and Tetenal Eukobrom. Also available are warmtone developers from Foma and Fotospeed.

Once you’ve done your print you might want to tone it. We stock toners too! Kodak Selenium, Tetenal Gold Toner alongside sepia and blue toners from Foma and Fotospeed.

To sum up, come buy your black and white paper chemicals and any other photographic supplies from us, online or in person. You can also stock up on film. So, buy 35mm and 120 film.

Guide To The Darkroom

If you want to know more about darkroom printing read our Beginners Guide To The Darkroom and How To Make A Darkroom Print.

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