Get Disposable Film Cameras by Kodak, Fuji and Ilford.

Disposables are the perfect easy to use a film camera. You can take them anywhere. These are the perfect first film camera. Take them anywhere. You have a choice of colour or black and white.

Ilford Disposables

First off are the Ilford disposable cameras. You have a choice of HP5 Plus or XP2 Super. HP5 is Ilford’s most popular film and you get try it out for under £10. XP2 Super is a C41 film. So, although it’s black and white, you can process it at the same time as your colour film. Both cameras come with a flash, shoot them any time of day, under any light.

Kodak Color Disposable

Next up is the Kodak. Classic Kodak colour in a disposable. These are really affordable and a great way to capture your holiday or a night out. Also, has a flash included.

Fuji Quicksnap

Finally, there is our range of Fuji cameras. We have three on offer. The Fuji Quicksnap with Superia film and a flash. There is the Quicksnap Underwater camera which is great for the beach! Take diving with you. Lastly, there is our special import from Japan. Fuji Hi-Speed 1600, the camera you want with you on a night out. Works well in low light.

So, buy 35mm Film Disposable Cameras by Kodak, Fuji and Ilford now.


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