Film Camera

Buy a film camera to get you started with analogue photography. You can choose between a super simple disposable. Or, try a Reusable. They are also really simple, but you can keep using them and try out different films.

Disposable Film Cameras

First off are the disposables. Disposables are the perfect easy to use film cameras. You can take them anywhere. These are the perfect first film camera. Take them anywhere. You have a choice of colour or black and white.


Next up are the reusables. Basically, these are disposable quality cameras that you can reload and reuse. Much better for the environment and will give you a chance to try out more film.


Want a print instantly? Then you should pick up an Instant Camera. You can choose between Fuji and Polaroid, read our Guide To Instant Film to decide which one to go with.


Pinholes are a super simple way to shoot film. Get back to basics and give one of these a go.


Finally, we have some Lomography cameras for you. Simple Use reusable and a couple of different choices like the Sprocket Rocket and Fish Eye.

So, buy 35mm Film Disposables by Kodak, Fuji and Ilford now.

Or, just pick up some film. We stock a wide range of 35mm Film, 120 Film and some Large Format.


We ship to the UK, Europe and Worldwide. You can shop online as well as at our shop in Brixton, London, UK, SW9 7QD.