Parallax Photographic sell Darkroom Equipment!  If you print your own film in the darkroom then we stock all the equipment you need. You can buy from us online or from our London shop in Brixton.

First off we sell a wide range of Paterson darkroom trays. Whatever size you’re printing we have a dish for you.

Next up you will want measuring graduates and jugs. We have that too. Whether you want to measure a small amount of developer, or mix up a big jug of fixer we have what you need. We also sell storage bottles, so you can keep your chemistry for the next printing session.

Don’t forget the extras like print tongs, thermometers and print drying racks.

To sum up, come buy your darkroom equipment, paper, chemistry, and any other photographic supplies from us, online or in person.

Visit Our Shop In Brixton

Parallax Photographic Coop is the newest photography shop in London, UK. Parallax sells photography supplies and cameras our shop in Brixton. You can order online as well as visit us in person at 17A Electric Lane, Brixton, London, SW9 8LA, UK.