The Fotospeed Argyrotype Kit comes with everything you need to make your own Argyrotypes.

In the kit you will find:

5 sheets 8×10 inch Fabriano5 HP paper

5 sheets 8×10 inch Digital Contact Film

2ml syringe

50ml bottle of Argyrotype Sensitiser

2 coating rods – one 4 inch and one 7 inch

140gms of Hypo Crystals

Protective gloves

Full detailed instructions for use.

Argyrotype is an iron-base silver print process. Alongside Cyanotype, this process is a good introduction to alternative print techniques. It is also a useful tool to teach workshops. Another use is when you want to proof large format negatives.

The prints will not have the permanence of Platinum or Palladium. However, they cost less less to produce and the process is easy in comparison.

Arches Platine

We recommend Arches Platine for use as a base paper for alternative processes.