Polaroid Now+ White Instant Film Camera

Polaroid Now+ White is the most creative instant film camera yet. Get 5 new lens filters, and unlock two extra tools — aperture priority and tripod mode — inside the Polaroid mobile app.

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Polaroid Now+ White Instant Film Camera With 5 Filters

Polaroid Now+ White is the most creative instant film camera yet. Polaroid Now+ is the revamped analogue instant camera with even more creative tools. Get 5 new lens filters, and unlock two extra tools inside the Polaroid mobile app.

Next, try light painting, double exposure, manual mode and more. Plus a tripod mount to steady your ideas, all inside the original Polaroid square format frame.

The original Polaroid OneStep, introduced 40 years ago, is one of the most iconic cameras of all time. The best-selling camera in the US – instant or conventional – for four consecutive years after its launch. It is now a pop culture icon and continues to influence creativity and self-expression into the 21st century.


Get Creative With The App

Unlock extra creative tools inside the Polaroid mobile app. You can find focus easily with aperture priority and create cinematic photos with tripod mode. Get these two new tools, plus light painting, double exposure, manual mode, and more.


5 Experimental Lens Filters

You get 5 experimental lens filters with your Now+. Saturate your photos in colour, deepen contrast, or add dreamy effects. The 5 experimental lens filters include starburst, red vignette, orange, blue, and yellow. Complete with a zip-through pouch to keep them safe.


Double Exposures And More

Get two frames in the one Polaroid photograph. Dreamy, artistic, and ready to add some drama to your photography.

Alongside these double exposures, with the Polaroid Now Black, you get a more human-friendly flash to make everyone look like they should. Easy USB charging means you’re always ready to shoot. There’s als0 as a self-timer, you’ve got 9 seconds to get in the frame!


Polaroid i-Type Film

The camera works with a new generation of Polaroid i-Type and 600 instant films. You have colour, black and white and a range of special editions to choose from. The new film features the distinct dreamy aesthetic that Polaroid is famous for. i-Type film is cheaper because it doesn’t include a battery.

Like the original cameras, the Now can’t connect to the internet or post to social media. It doesn’t have zoom or image stabilization. But there are 5,000 chemical reactions that take place every time the shutter clicks. These reactions create an original photo that is impossible to reproduce.

An object you can hold in your hand, to put on your fridge or share with a friend. There’s still nothing quite like a Polaroid photograph.

The Polaroid Now+ the analogue instant camera is also available in Black.


Guide To Instant Film

Not sure which instant film is the right one for you? Read our Guide To Instant Film where we explain your options. We’ll talk you through the various different options when it comes to instant photography.

Depending on whether you go with a Polaroid or Fuji Instax camera, there will be different formats to choose from. The most popular format is Fuji Instax Mini, but Polaroids have that classic instant look and there are loads of their second-hand cameras out there.

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