Ilford Hypam Fixer 5L

Ilford Hypam is a non-hardening, easy to use, rapid fixer. This versatile chemistry is a liquid concentrate and is suitable for all black and white film and darkroom paper. It will fix prints in both manual and machine processing applications.

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Ilford Hypam Fixer 5L

Ilford Hypam is a non-hardening, rapid fixer. It is suitable to use with all black and white photographic papers and films.

Hypam is a very versatile fixer. So, you can also use it to fix other specialist materials. These include X-ray films, Ilford scientific products and graphic arts materials.

You can use it for both manual and machine processing applications.

Ilford Hypam does not include a hardener. If needed a hardener can be added to the diluted fixer, never mix hardener with concentrated fixer.

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How To Use

To fix film, dilute Ilford Hypam 1+4. That means one part fix to four parts water. For use in paper processing machines, you need to dilute it 1+4. But for fixing paper in trays, you can dilute it either 1+4 or 1+9. So one part fixer to four parts water, or one part fixer to four parts water. Make sure you mix together thoroughly before use.


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