Parallax Photographic sell Black and White Film Chemistry! Lots of it. We love it and aim to stock as wide a range as possible. You can buy from us online or from our London shop in Brixton.

Our current stock comes from Ilford, Kodak, Foma, Fuji, Adox, and Rollei. We have a range of film developers, stop bath, fix and wetting agents.

A good developer to start with is Adox Rodinal, or one of the variations from Foma or Tetenal. You could try

To sum up, come buy your film and any other photographic supplies from us, online or in person.

Visit Our Shop In Brixton

Parallax Photographic Coop is the newest photography shop in London, UK. Set up because Silverprint Ltd left London, Parallax sells photography supplies and cameras our shop in Brixton. You can order online as well as visit us in person at 17A Electric Lane, Brixton, London, SW9 8LA, UK.