Darkroom Chemicals, Equipment And Supplies

You will find a wide range of darkroom and film processing supplies. We sell all the chemicals and film developing equipment you will need to process your own film and get printing. We stock Ilford, Kodak, Tetenal, Foma, Paterson, Kenro, Fotospeed and more.

In this section, you will find Black and White Film Chemistry for developing your own film at home. Next is Black and White Paper Chemistry. This is for developing your prints in the darkroom.

Also, everything you need for Colour Film. So, Colour Film Chemistry, this is C-41 and E6 for home processing. And if you have access to a colour darkroom we have RA4 chemicals in Colour Paper Chemistry.

Now, on to all the tanks, jugs and changing bags in Film Processing Equipment. Basically, everything you need to develop your own film. And if you are also printing, you can find trays and accessories in Darkroom Equipment.

Film Developing Chemicals UK

Read our guides? Looking to stock up on film developing chemicals? We have everything you need; DeveloperStopFix and Wetting Agent. If you’re UK based we can ship to you next day. You can also come in to our London shop and we’ll talk you through the process.

Whether you need Paterson film processing tanks or print tongs, we’re the place to come. Alongside darkroom equipment, you will also find an extensive range of film. All your favourites from Ilford, Kodak, Fuji, Impossible, Rollei and Adox. As well as some new additions like Japan Camera Hunter Street Pan.

Not to mention the friendly and knowledgeable staff. You will find us at Photofusion in Brixton, South London, UK. Come in, have a chat and also buy some supplies.

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