More Cafe Royal Books

This week we have a load more Cafe Royal Books in the shop. We regularly choose a selection of our favourites to share with you and we are really excited about these new arrivals. An instant favourite is Lick. Shot by photographer Ed Templeton, it is comprised completely of photos of people eating or licking in public – it is Cafe Royal at their best. England About and Flat Out ’78-’83 is another classic Cafe Royal Books publication. An acute and witty look at a British sensibility we all recognise. Be sure to check out all the new arrivals, each one is well worth a look.

Here are all the new arrivals:
England About and Flat Out ’78-’83 – Gil Rigoulet
St Helens – Stephen Clarke
Land Rover 1950s – George Rodger
Whitechapel Bell Foundry – John Claridge
Lick – Ed Templeton
The English at Play, Again – Patrick Ward

Cafe Royal Books are an independent publisher based in the North West of England. Focussed broadly on ‘aspects of change’, usually within the UK. They have produced a weekly photographic publication since 2005.  You need to be checking out Cafe Royal Books.