We stock a small range of camera Batteries for the popular analogue cameras.

123 3v Lithium

Kodak 123 3v Lithium Battery for cameras. Used in many point and shoot cameras, specifically the Contax T2 and Olympus mjuII.

Kodak small Lithium Ultra batteries deliver high power but last longer than its Alkaline counterparts. It is ideal for devices such as cameras to operate a flash.

Also known as DL123A, CR123A, EL123A, K123LA-1

LR44 1.5V Alkaline

Duracell LR44 1.5V Alkaline Batteries for use in cameras. These are the batteries you need for an Olympus XA or XA2.

ong-lasting Duracell Specialty LR44 Alkaline button batteries are reliable choice for your medical devices (glucometer, heart rate monitor), security devices (bank card reader) and other electronics (watch, clock radio, pedometer and more). Duralock Power Preserve Technology guarantees lasting five years in storage.

CR2 3V Lithium

Duracell CR2 3V Lithium Battery for cameras. This is the battery used in many point and shoots from the 90s. If you need a new battery for your Contax G1, G2 or  T3, a CR2 is what you’re after.

Always rely on the long-lasting Duracell Specialty CR2 Ultra Lithium battery to power your cameras and camera flashes, portable lights, medical devices (portable O2 analyzer), security devices (electronic lock) and other electronics (such as laser pointer, microphones, night vision devices). Finally, Duralock  Technology preserves battery’s power up to 10 years in storage.

Available online, as well as from our shop in Brixton, London, UK, SW9 8LA