A Changing Bag will allow you to handle film, and other light sensitive stuff where there is no darkroom available. It is made of a special black light-proof fabric with a rubber lining, and two light-proof zippers make sure its completely light-proof. You access the changing bag through two elasticated hand holes.

It is perfect for people who want to develop film at home but don’t have a darkroom. Film must be loaded into the developing tank in complete darkness. If you don’t have a dark space, you can use a changing bag for this step. The large bag can hold everything you need, just place all the bits inside. With all the stuff inside, close both zips and put you arms inside the sleeves. The cuffs should be tight enough around you arms to prevent any light getting in.

Load film into darkslides

The large bag can also be used to load large format film into darkslides when you are out shooting. It allows you to change and load film in full daylight. Although, if this its sole purpose, you might be better off buying the Kaiser Changing Bag Small for its more convenient size.