Kodak Ektar H35 Half Frame Film Cameras

Kodak Ektar H35 Half Frame Film Cameras 35mm

Kodak Ektar H35 Half Frame Film Cameras are ideal for photographers looking to reduce film usage and related costs. It features a built-in flash and a small-and-light body, and is designed to be handy and easy to use; even film beginners can handle it effortlessly.

Also comes with a handy pouch and wrist strap. Grab yourself some 35mm film and a AAA battery, and then you’re ready to go!

Half Frame Fun!

Half frame means precisely that! Each picture you take will fill up half a 35mm frame of film. So, you get twice as many images per roll. For example, a roll of 36 exposures 35mm film will give you 72 half-frame photos. Double your fun!

Talk To Your Lab

It’s worth checking in with your lab when you get your film developed and letting them know it’s half-frame. That way they can tell you how they scan it (72 single frames or 36 diptychs), and, more importantly, print it.

Four Colours

These light, fun, half-frame cameras come in four different colours. Choose between BrownSageSand and Black. Choose your favourite colour!

Half Frame Film Review

Want to see some results from the H35? We figured we would give it a go with a dependable classic. So, we put a roll of Kodak Tri-X 400 in our Ektar H35 Half Frame Camera and took it out around Loughborough Junction in South London. Have a read of our Kodak Tri-X 400 H35 Half Frame Film Review.

Reusable Film Cameras

Instead of picking up a disposable camera, why not get yourself a reusable one? These are budget-priced cameras that, unlike disposables, you can use again. They are a great starting point if you want to try out shooting on film.

Alongside the Kodak Ektar H35 Half Frame 35mm Film Camera, have a look at a Dubblefilm Show, available in black or pink. Also, check out the Lomography Simple Use camera with coloured filters on the flash for cool effects. Or, try out the Ilford Harman camera with two rolls of Kentmere 400.

Don’t forget the full-frame Kodak M35 in four great colours! PinkBlueYellow and Mint.