JOHN DIVOLA Enso is Zine from Stickit featuring 36 Right-Handed Circumference Gestures.

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JOHN DIVOLA Enso is Zine from Stickit.

John Divola is an American artist and photographer who has been exploring the boundaries of art and photography since the early 70s. His Vandalism series dates back to 1974. In this series, Divola entered abandoned buildings armed with a spray can and a photo camera.

Enso: 36 Right-Handed Circumference Gestures

In 2015, John Divola generated new series of photos in abandoned buildings. In the housing tract of what was previously George Air Force Base in Victorville, California, USA. ‘Enso’ is a single work containing 36, 8×10 inch Silver Gelatin contact prints. These photographs are arranged chronologically and were exposed between June 7th and August 12th, 2018.



“In each image I have attempted to draw a circle using spray paint and tracing the circumference of my right arm. Each drawing is in a different room generally in the morning. It is an index of a place and a time. It is an index and trace of my physical being.”

In the 1995 film “Smoke” Harvey Keitel plays Auggie the owner of a smoke shop. One day Auggie brings out an album of photographs to show to his friend Paul, played by William Hurt. It seems that every afternoon Auggie goes out of his shop to photograph the same corner in front of his store. Looking at the images Paul exclaims that they are all the same. To which Auggie immediately protest that they are all different.

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Stickit Publishing

Stickit started in early 2001 as a platform to promote the emerging street art movement. Stencil graffiti, poster and sticker art as well as murals and street installations. The website became a fast-growing database to show the diversity of the scene. Creations from young, local artists as well as from now renowned artists. The website also contained a forum to discuss the subjects and meet other artists and like-minded people. Stickit made a lot of friends back then, some are still good friends to this day. For many, this burgeoning scene was a movement without rules and boundaries. Anyone could jump in to express their creativity.

Over the years, their focus has remained the same but now promote the scene in a different way. Today Stickit invite artists to put together a monograph of their work. Usually in the form of a zine. In terms of interpretation, they are completely free. Artists come from different disciplines, with a background equally in street art/graffiti. Stickit is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, but focused on an international audience.

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