We Sell Film Cameras - Olympus XA Trip Twin

We Sell Film Cameras

We now sell film cameras. They are only available in the shop, so stop by and have look at what’s in stock.

We have a selection of second-hand film cameras to sell in the shop. The selection changes regularly, so come in and check out what we have on the shelf.

Expect to find everything, from super cheap “reusables”, to affordable compacts and the odd Olympus mju-II. We never know what we will have next, so check in regularly to grab a bargain.

All our cameras come with a 3-month warranty. So there is no risk, if you have any problems you can bring it back to us and we’ll sort it out.

Which Film Camera Should You Buy?

A 35mm compact camera is a great place to start if you’re new to film photography – you just point and shoot! We have an assortment of affordable compacts to help get even more people shooting their first roll of film.

If you are looking for a classic film camera that fits in your pocket, then the Olympus Trip and Olympus XA2 are both good options. We stock these on a regular basis. They are reasonably priced, reliable cameras that don’t let you down.

For more control, then try an SLR. Alongside manual SLRs from Olympus, Canon, Pentax and Minolta, we also get some 90s models, which often come with autofocus and some advanced features.

Remember, our selection changes regularly, so we recommend coming into the shop and to see the latest arrivals.


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