Camberwell Illustration Project 2022

Camberwell Illustration Project 2022

For our Camberwell Illustration Project 2022, we set a project for the third year BA Illustration students at Camberwell College of Art. We asked them to create illustrations that could be used on a bag and stickers. Here are the results.

We have teamed up with Camberwell College of Art to set a project for their third year BA Illustration students. Our Camberwell Illustration Project has become an annual event and we were happy to be involved again this year for the class of 2022.

For the brief, we asked them to create illustrations that could be used on a bag or as a set of stickers. We were keen to see representations of our brand in fun and colourful new ways.

As always, we were really impressed with the work the students sent over. It was great to see the different styles and approaches. You can check out the submissions below. And, look out for some new stickers!

© Amelia Ball
Amelia Ball
© Em Charlier
Em Charlier
© Adriana Dincu
Adriana Dincu
© Maja Koperska - Camberwell Illustration Project 2022
Maja Koperska
© Mingwei Li
Mingwei Li
© Shiyi Long
Shiyi Long
© Creg McLean
Creg McLean
© Shiming Sheng
Shiming Sheng
© Anna Szeletzky
Anna Szeletzky
© Hanna Norberg-Williams - Camberwell Illustration Project 2022
Hanna Norberg-Williams
© Dean Burrows - Camberwell Illustration Project 2022
Dean Burrows
© Py Chen
Py Chen
© Siyuan He
Siyuan He
© Jess Langham
Jess Langham
© Lianxin Liao
Lianxin Liao
© Georgia Macarthur-Brown
Georgia McArthur-Brown
© Saffron Newnham
Saffron Newnham
© Sofiia Soloviova
Sofiia Soloviova
© Bella Venable
Bella Venable
© Xiangyi Xu
Xiangyi Xu

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