ADAM GOULD Almost Home

Almost Home is a self-published zine that explores the emotions surrounding the Euro 2020 Football Tournament that was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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ADAM GOULD Almost Home

ADAM GOULD Almost Home is a self-published zine.

“The Euro 2020 Football Tournament was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Summer 2021 came around after what felt like a very long 18 months since the virus had meddled with everyday life. We were blessed with restrictions easing and finally, Euro 2020 was allowed to commence.

I really enjoyed myself; soaking in the nostalgia and sun. Drinking beers with friends and getting involved with the odd sing song or two.

As the tournament begun, I realised the shift of atmosphere since the national lockdown ending. Everyone really immersed themselves in the moment. I decided I wanted to document this, so took my camera to several of the matches at pubs and local venues.

Please enjoy the cheers, tears and carnage that unravelled.

Our England squad did us proud and it is the world cup this year. Perhaps it will “come home” then?”

Edition of 50.


Adam Gould

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