DAVID CORIO Fans And Clubbers 1978–1995

Fans And Clubbers 1978–1995 was published in 2022, is 14cm x 20cm and has 36 black and white pages. This is the first edition.

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DAVID CORIO Fans And Clubbers 1978–1995

DAVID CORIO Fans And Clubbers 1978–1995 is a Café Royal Books publication.

Fans And Clubbers 1978–1995 was published in 2022, is 14cm x 20cm and has 36 black and white pages. This is the first edition.


Fans And Clubbers

Including images of The Roxy, Sunsplash, the Marquee, The Tunnel NYC, Rock Against Racism, Notting Hill Carnival, Exploited, Empire Ballroom, Wetlands, Gossips, Glastonbury.

David Corio began his freelance photography career in 1978 after leaving art school at the age of 18. Moving to London he began taking portraits and going to concerts and clubs across the capital for personal projects and as assignments for New Musical Express, Time Out, The Face and Black Echoes. He worked at London listings magazine City Limits in the early 1980’s helping to write the music listings and editing their Nightclub section.

He moved to New York in 1992 for 16 years continuing to shoot musicians, nightlife and the arts for the New York Times, The Times and various reggae and hip hop record labels and magazines.

From daytime bhangra shows at Leicester Square’s Empire Ballroom to the first hip hop club in Soho’s ‘Gossips’ and the first Jungle Club in NYC, this collection of Fans and Clubbers, taken over an 18 year period shows many different musical genres in their infancy – their energy and excitement still fresh and raw.


David Corio

David Corio’s photographs are held by the National Portrait Gallery, The Victoria & Albert Museum, The ICA and The Photographer’s Gallery, London and the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Washington DC and the Institute of Contemporary Photography, NYC.


Café Royal Books

Café Royal Books is an independent publishing house set up by Craig Atkinson in 2005. He is based in Southport, England. CRB release regular publications with the broad subject of British Documentary Photography since 1960. This includes international photographers who work within the British Isles. Alongside photographers from the British Isles who work internationally. There are a few exceptions, with titles that sit alongside this general theme.

This type of work has historically been neglected by both photographers and institutions. Café Royal Books’ aim is to source, gather, and re/present this work as a collective whole. And, thus, giving it a wider audience. CRB publishes at least one title every week, presenting one series by one photographer.

The books combine elements of zines, photobooks, artist books and educational resource. The books are affordable, democratic, utilitarian and useful. They come out regularly and in small editions. So, great to collect.

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