This Is How You Shot 2018

Last year we sold you more film than ever before. So, we asked to see your best shots from 2018. Everybody, this is how you shot 2018.

We always like to see how you use the film you buy from us. Regularly we ask to see your work, on Instagram, using a specific film. Then we feature some of our favourites to help get you all inspired. But as it is the start of a new year, we decided to do something a little different. We asked to see your best images shot on film from 2018. So, this is how you shot 2018.

If you want more, you can see the all the photos here.

Want to have your images featured? All you need is an Instagram account. Then keep an eye on our profile for the next hashtag to be announced. Plus, you can always let us know what films you want to see next!

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