Fuji Instax Wide Film Review

Fuji Instax Wide Film Review

Here is our Fuji Instax Wide Film Review. We shot a pack on our Fuji Instax 210. So, have a look at our film test and see what you think.

Instax Wide is the largest of the three instant formats from Fuji. It’s not a popular as the Mini, but you get a much larger image. We thought we’d try it out on a bright winter’s day. So, for our Fuji Instax Wide Film Review, we put a pack in our Fuji Instax 210 and took it out near Myatts Field in South London.

The film is a pleasing size, and nice to have the landscape format in instant. Unlike Mini, you get a lot more detail in the images. There are only a couple of options on the camera, close up or distance. We had it set to distance and happy to say the focus came out well on all our shots.

Although it was a cold day the images started to appear fairly quickly, it didn’t take long for a faint image to appear. And easy to see if we got the shot or not. We left the images in a pocket to fully develop, bringing stronger blacks and more intense colours.

The colours are impressively true to life. And, like all Fuji film, really captures the blues and greens well. Obviously, the soft look is part of instant photography, but there is a sharpness to the images that you don’t get with Polaroid.

Overall we were impressed. There’s a good balance between the slightly dreamy instant feel and the clarity of Fuji colours.

Film: Fuji Instax Wide
Format: Instax Wide
Shot on: Fuji Instax 210
Location: Myatts Field, South London

Fuji Instax Tree Plane Instant Film

Fuji Instax Akerman Road Myatts Field

Instax Wide Myatts Field South London

Camberwell Submarine Myatts Field South London Instant Film

Akerman Health Centre South London Fuji Instant Film

Fuji Instax Wide Film Camberwell Submarine

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