How To Develop Film Animation Project

We teamed up with Camberwell College of Art to set a How To Develop Film animation project for their BA Illustration students. The result is a set of animations on how to develop film.

Earlier this year we teamed up with Camberwell College of Art to set a project for their 2019 third year BA Illustration students. 

For the brief, we asked them to illustrate an element from our how-to guide – How To Develop Black And White Film. This was with the intention that the animations would help somebody understand the manual processes involved in developing their own film.

We were really impressed with the results and enjoyed seeing the different approaches to answering the brief. We have featured some of the steps here. Plus, you can check out our YouTube channel to see more animations.

Have a look and let us know what you think. If this is something our customers find helpful we will look into doing more of these in the future.

How To Develop Black And White Film

What You Will Need

Declan Goodby

Step 1: Get Ready


Step 3: Load The Film

Chloe Isteed

Step 4: Mix Up Your Chemistry

Alex Negut