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Negative Feedback Open Call

Negative Feedback Open Call is a chance to be part of their first ever community exhibition. The show, in conjuction with theprintspace,  will feature the work of contemporary film photographers. It will be held at theprintspace gallery in East London this September. They’re opening up submissions to their followers and want you take part. The exhibition…

Kodak ColorPlus 200 shot on a Contax T3

Kodak Colorplus 200 35mm rated at 200 ISO Shot on a Contax T3 at the Olympic Park, East London Developed in a Tetenal Colortec C-41 Processing Kit (at 30°C)      

Pylot Magazine Open Call Exhibition

Pylot Magazine Open Call Exhibition is looking for work from analogue photographers. The group exhibition will feature eight photographers and take place at theprintspace in London from July 27th – August 2nd. Alongside the exhibition the successful entrants will feature on Pylot Online and across their social media platforms. As well as being selected for…

Ilford HP5 Plus 400 shot on a Fuji GA645i

Ilford HP5 Plus 400 120 rated at 400 ISO Shot on a Fuji GA645i in Camberwell, South London Developed in a Ilford ID-11 (for 8 minutes at 20°C)                  

Peaches and Cream 2017 – Deadline Extended

Peaches and Cream is an annual photography competition run by Millennium Images. The competition seeks to showcase and celebrate the work of emerging photographers. This year it will offer 10 photographers the opportunity to exhibit their work at Photofusion. As well as the exhibition, there is the chance to pick up one of two awards. The Main Award is open to…

Fomapan 200 shot on a Leica M6

Fomapan 200 rated at 200 ISO Shot on a Leica M6 in Brixton, South London Developed in a Kodak Xtol (for 8 minutes at 20°C)          

Adox Color Implosion Shot on a Contax T3

Adox Color Implosion rated at 100 ISO Shot on a Contax T3 in Hastings Developed in a Tetenal Colortec C-41 Processing Kit (at 30°C)              

CineStill 800 Tungsten shot on a Contax G2

CineStill 800 Tungsten 35mm rated at 800 ISO Shot on a Contax G2 in Baku, Azerbaijan Developed in a Tetenal Colortec C-41 Processing Kit (at 30°C)              

Independent Photography Festival 2017

The Independent Photography Festival (I.P.F) describes itself as “an annual, multi-city celebration of photography, its application and practice”. This years London edition of I.P.F will run from 4-28 May with a schedule of great shows. Originally from Melbourne, I.P.F was set up to offer a new platform for photographers and photo enthusiasts, both emerging and established, to showcase their work.…

Ilford ULF 2017 Custom and Specialist Film Manufacture

It’s Ilford ULF season. Every year Ilford produce some of their most popular films in hard to find sizes and formats. These items are special order only. To get your hands on some you need to place your order with us before Friday 26 May. Due to the global resurgence in photographic film use, Ilford continue to…

Kodak Portra 400 shot on a Contax G2

Kodak Portra 400 35mm rated at 200 ISO Shot on a Contax G2 around Rethymno, Crete Developed in a Tetenal Colortec C-41 Processing Kit (at 30°C)          

Our Shop is Now Open

Our shop is now open! That means you can come and visit us, have a chat, ask some questions and buy things. We sell film, paper, chemistry and more. All of which you can now browse when you drop by. Just ring the bell at 17a Electric Lane and we’ll buzz you in. We’ll be the first thing you see…

Rollei Delivery

We’re happy to announce the arrival of our first Rollei delivery this week. And with it, a load of new products. Although Rollei are better known for their cameras, they do have a range of film available too. German company Hans O. Mahn distribute these under the Rollei name. While not so well known, these films do offer some interesting…

Rollei Retro 80S Shot on a Contax T3

Rollei Retro 80S 35mm rated at 80 ISO Shot on a Contax T3 around Southwark, South East, London Developed in Ilford ID-11 (Stock for 10 minutes at 20°C)            

JCH StreetPan 400 Shot on a Hasselblad X-Pan

JCH StreetPan 400 rated at 400 ISO Shot on a Hasselblad X-Pan around Barbican, London Developed in Ilford ID-11 (Stock for 13.5 minutes at 20°C)          

Fuji Neopan Acros shot on Bronica RF645

Fuji Neopan Acros 100 120 rated at 100 ISO Shot on a Bronica RF645 in Barnet, North London Developed in a Kodak Xtol (1+1 for 10 minutes at 20°C)  

Negative Feedback Magazine

Last night we went to The Photographers’ Gallery to see George launch Issue 1 of the Negative Feedback Magazine. We weren’t the only ones. Lots of people had turned out to get their hands on the first copies of the publication. Issue 1 is a collection of contemporary film photography created with contributions from the Negative Feedback community. From its origins on…

In Conversation with Ana Escobar

Ana Escobar is the winner of the Parallax Photographic Award from the 2016 class of London College of Communication MA Photography graduates for her work Developing Photographs. We were captivated by Ana’s use of performance, video and photography to explore the “magic potentials” of the photographic medium. It was a work that stood out to us for…

Negative Feedback Fuji Hi-Speed 1600 Disposable Film Camera

We handed over a Fuji Hi-Speed 1600 Disposable Film Camera to our friend George over at Negative Feedback to see what he could do with it. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Negative Feedback, its a YouTube channel dedicated to shooting film. The basic principle is informative and aesthetically pleasing videos to help photographers navigate the…

Ilford Delta 100 shot on a Hasselblad X-Pan

Ilford Delta 100 35mm rated at 100 Shot on a Hasselblad X-Pan in Loughborough Junction, South London Developed in Ilford ID-11 (Stock for 6 mins at 22°C)          

Fuji Superia 400 shot on a Contax T3

Fuji Superia 400 35mm rated at 400 Shot on a Contax T3 in Ruskin Park, South East London Developed in a Tetenal Colortec C-41 Processing Kit (at 30°C)          

Kodak Ektachrome Film is Coming Back

The Eastman Kodak Company have announced that they are bringing back Kodak Ektachrome. Over the next year they plan to reformulate and manufacture Ektachrome film for both motion picture and still photography. It is expected to be available by the end of 2017. Ektachrome was one of Kodak’s most iconic films, but it had been discontinued in 2012. The film…

More Cafe Royal Books

This week we have a load more Cafe Royal Books in the shop. We regularly choose a selection of our favourites to share with you and we are really excited about these new arrivals. An instant favourite is Lick. Shot by photographer Ed Templeton, it is comprised completely of photos of people eating or licking in public…

JCH StreetPan 400 shot on a Leica M6

JCH StreetPan 400 35mm rated at 400 Shot on a Lecia M6 in Brixton, South East London Developed by Photofusion        

Christmas Is Coming

It’s December, which means it will be Christmas before you know it. We will be closed for a while over the holiday period. 22 December is the last day the shop will be open. We will be back open as usual on 3 January. You need to order online by 12pm 20 December to make sure you…

Kodak Tri-X 400 120 shot on a Bronica RF645

Kodak Tri-X 400 120 rated at 400 Shot on a Bronica RF645 in Milkwood Park, South East London Developed in Tetenal Paranol S (1+25 for 8 mins at 22°C)  

More New Film

This week we have more new film to offer you. We’ve imported some more exciting products from Japan and Hong Kong. You can now buy Fuji Industrial 100 and 400, Camera Film Photo Double-X film and Fuji Hi-Speed 1600 Disposable Film Cameras. Fuji Industrial is a colour negative film only usually found in Japan. It…

Suppliers Have Increased Their Prices

We are sorry to say that due to market uncertainty and fluctuating exchange rates post-Brexit, almost all of our suppliers have increased their prices. The increase in cost prices will effect us as we order in new stock. This will mean you’ll gradually see product prices rise over the coming weeks, as we get fresh stock…

Japan Camera Hunter Delivery

This week we have taken delivery of some exciting new products which have come all the way from Japan Camera Hunter. We now have JCH StreetPan 400 film and a range of Japan Camera Hunter Film Cases. Both of which are exclusively available through Parallax in the UK. JCH StreetPan 400 is a high speed, fine grain black and white film.…

Impossible Color 600 Instant Film Shot on a Polaroid 636 Close Up

Impossible Color 600 Instant Film shot on a Polaroid 636 Close Up in Brixton, South London  

Parallax Cyanotype Paper

We are very pleased to introduce our first product, Parallax Cyanotype Paper. Cyanotype is a hugely popular alternative photographic process. It produces a blue image when you expose the light sensitive paper to sunlight. Using the most basic principles of photography to create images with just sunlight and water. Each pack of Cyanotype Paper contains…

Impossible Black and White 600 Instant Film Shot on a Polaroid 635CL

Impossible Black and White 600 Instant Film shot on a Polaroid 635CL in Brixton, South London    

Zero Image Pinhole Delivery

Our first delivery of Zero Image pinhole cameras has arrived. These are small, beautifully constructed wooden pinhole cameras. They have been hand-made in Hong Kong since 1999. These unique cameras are a firm favourite with pinhole shooters. Pinhole cameras embody the original technology of photography and the aim of Zero Image is to preserve this…

Kodak ColorPlus 200 shot on a Contax T3

Kodak ColorPlus 200 35mm rated at 200 Shot on a Contax T3 in Ruskin Park and Abbey Wood, South East London Developed in a Tetenal Colortec C-41 Processing Kit (at 30°C)          

David Bowie exhibition Silhouettes and Shadows at Photofusion

At Parallax Photographic Coop we love photography, but we are also pretty keen on music too. So an exhibition of photographs of David Bowie is something we are pretty happy to have on our doorstep. Silhouettes and Shadows is a unique tribute to local hero David Bowie currently being held at Photofusion. The show, in colaboration with the Rockarchive, features photographs…

Fomapan 400 shot on a Contax G2

Foma Fomapan 400 35mm rated at 400 Shot on a Contax G2 in Brixton, London Developed in Tetenal Paranol S (1+25 for 7 mins at 20°C)        

Negative Feedback Over Exposing Colour Film

This week our friends over at  Negative Feedback have been over exposing colour film. The colour film in question is Kodak Portra 400, one of the most popular films around. Over exposing film means giving the film more light than it needs. Under exposing it is the opposite, giving it less light than the box recommended ISO. George shot some portraits…

Adox, AgfaPhoto and CineStill Delivery

Our first delivery of Adox, AgfaPhoto and Cinestill films has arrived. We are pretty excited about these new arrivals. These films are some of the most popular outside of the big three brands – Ilford, Kodak and Fuji. Produced by smaller outfits, they offer some welcome variation on the standard films. They include low speed 20 ISO film, motion picture stock for 35mm and Super…

Adox CMS 20 II shot on a Leica M6

Adox CMS 20 II 35mm rated at 20 ISO Shot on a Leica M6 with Summicron 50 in Great Yarmouth Developed in Adox Adotech (1+9 for 7 mins at 24°C)        

Negative Feedback Black and White Film Comparisons

Our friends over at Negative Feedback have been at it again. This time George is comparing some of the most popular black and white 35mm films on the market. He takes us to the impressive-looking Hackney Studios to shoot some portraits using natural light. We handed over some Fomapan 200, Fomapan 400 and Retropan 320 to see what George could do with it. He put these up…

Kodak Tri-X 400 shot on a Hasselblad XPan

Kodak Tri-X 400 35mm rated at 400 Shot on a Hasselblad XPan in South East London Developed in Tetenal Paranol S (1+25 for 8 mins at 23°C)        

Ilford Photo Delivery

This week’s new arrival is our first delivery from Ilford Photo. So we now stock all the best Ilford films, papers and chemistry. Being one of the most highly regarded names in film photography, and a hugely popular brand with you guys, Ilford had to be one of the first deliveries through the door. As Ilford produce so…

Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2016

Those of you submitting prints to the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2016 have until 5pm on Thursday 28 July 2016 to get your photographs in. This year there is a new delivery address for submissions; Block 336 (front entrance), 336 Brixton Road, London, SW9 7AA. That is just down the road from our new office at Photofusion, so come and say…

Paterson Photographic Delivery

This week we have received our first Paterson Photographic delivery. That means we now sell everything you need to develop your own film! In our experience Paterson darkroom equipment is the most popular, offering reliability and value for money. We though this made them the best products to start our Darkroom Equipment section with. Here’s what was inside…

Retropan 320 shot on a Nikon F2

Foma Retropan 320 35mm rated at 320 Shot on a Nikon F2 in Peckham, South London Developed in Fomadon LQN (1+10 for 7.5 mins at 20°C)          

Come Visit Us In Brixton

Our shop will be opening soon, where you can come and visit us, chat, ask questions and buy things. In the meantime we are operating from our office at Photofusion in Brixton. They are very nice people and we are very happy here. You can visit us in person at Photofusion to buy film, paper,…

Fomapan 100 shot on a Contax G2

Fomapan 100 35mm rated at 100 Shot on a Contax G2 in Brockwell Park, Brixton, South London Developed in Fomadon LQN (1+10 for 8 mins at 20°C)          

Café Royal Books Delivery

The post arrived today and with it our first Café Royal Books delivery. These are the first items to go into our Publications section on the website. We thought they were a good place to start our selection of photography books, magazines and zines. We will cover new, emerging photographers as well as some of…

Vintage Photography Magazines

Parallax spent last Sunday at Photographica in the Royal Horticultural Hall in London. We sold lots of film and had a great time talking to film shooters of all ages. We managed to restrain ourselves and not add to our already extensive camera collection, but we did pick up some old Focal Photoguide vintage photography magazines.…


Our friends over at Photofusion in Brixton have been busy raising funds to secure their future. Threatened by rising rents they needed at least £40,000 to enable them to carry on serving the photographic community. The good news is they smashed that target in half the allotted time due to a vast array of great rewards. They have…

Fomapan 400 shot on a Bronica RF645 at 1600

Fomapan 400 rated at 1600 Shot on a Bronica RF645 in Peckham, South London Developed in Fomadon LQR (1+10 for 10 mins at 20°C)

Hello, We Are Parallax Photographic

Hello, we are Parallax Photographic Coop. A workers run co-operative based in South London selling photographic supplies. We are currently operating as an online shop, but will have a bricks and mortar location in the very near future. You can buy film, darkroom supplies and photographic paper on the website. Our range will grow as time goes on…

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