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Analogue Photography Gift Guide 2023

This Analogue Photography Gift Guide will give you some ideas about what to get the film photographer in your life. So, read on and get them (or yourself) something they’ll love.

Looking for a gift for the analogue photographer in your life? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here is our Analogue Photography Gift Guide. We’ve got lots of ideas to help choose that perfect gift for film photographers. Whether it’s something to get a beginner started some inspiration for the longtime film shooter, or finding a new technique for the experimental photographer to try.

We’ll talk you through some different options, both large and small. So, have a read of our Analogue Photography Gift Guide.

Gifts For A Film Photographer Beginner

It may seem like an obvious start to an Analogue Photography Gift Guide. But, if you’re just starting out shooting film, then an ideal gift is more film! We have plenty to choose from. A roll of Kodak Ultramax is a good place to start if they’ve already got themselves a camera.

Reusable Cameras

Disposable cameras are always fun, but they aren’t great for the environment. So, we’d recommend a Reusable Camera. They are simple point-and-shoots, but you can keep using them after that first roll. Make sure you pick up a roll of film to go in the camera. We have a range of them in stock and they make great presents!

Photography Manual

It’s good to have some pointers when you first start taking photos on film. The Analogue Photography Reference Manual For Shooting Film is perfect for getting to know your camera and learning some basic technical information. We would also recommend the Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs series. They have a nice selection of images and give simple explanations of various photographic techniques. There are three books in the series and all are great gifts for film photographers.

Instant Film

Everyone loves instant film! And Fuji Instax Mini is a great place to start. Pick up an Instax Mini Camera and start them on a film-loving journey. Or, if they already shoot Instax then get them some film with some fun frames like the Fuji Instax Mini Instant Film.

Gifts For An Experienced Film Photographer

Know a photographer who’s been shooting film for a while? Not sure where to start with a gift? We have some ideas for you. From medium format pro films to some inspirational classic photo books. So, read on for that perfect gift for a film photographer.

Try A New Film

Pick up a Kodak Film Case to store their film at home or when travelling. Another fun option is the new colour film from Harman Photo, Phoenix 200. So, you can get them something a bit different to load in their camera.

Home Developing

Once you’ve been shooting for a while the next step is developing your own film. Paterson does a kit that has (almost) everything you need to get started or try our Black and White Film Processing Bundles, which will keep you going with some chemistry and a changing bag.

Classic Photobooks

You can’t go wrong with a Classic Photobook. Beautiful objects in themselves and great inspirations. Stephen Shore Uncommon Places or Nan Goldin’s The Ballad of Sexual Dependency have iconic images of America. Closer to home is Nigel Shafran’s The Well. Or pick up something different, like Richard Mosses’ Broken Spectre.

Gifts For Experimental Photographers

Looking for something beyond standard film? Why not try some Polaroids or a kit to start with an alternative process? There are also some great books to take their photography further.

Alternative Processes

Cyanotype is a simple process to get started with if you want to try something different. We do our own Parallax Cyanotype Kit that has everything you need. For some simple experimenting Parallax Cyanotype Paper is ready to go right out of the pack, just add sun and water!

For something more advanced, why not try some Photo Emulsion? You can coat it on anything to create a surface that you can print on in the darkroom.

Alternative Cameras

Want to get a camera that will create a different look? Look no further than a Polaroid Camera! Not only can you have fun with instant results and that classic Polaroid look, but you can also take it a step further and try emulsion lifts.

Another option is a pinhole camera. Ilford’s Obscura is a large format pinhole camera that comes with film and paper. So, ready to start shooting straight out of the box.

For something more simple, mixing up science and photography, get them Solarcan. It captures the path of the sun using a pinhole in a can pre-loaded with darkroom paper. Just put it in place and let it do its thing!

Experimental Books

Full of great information Experimental Photography: A Handbook of Techniques has lots to keep an experimental photographer busy.

We would also highly recommend picking up a publication from our Self Published section. These are all produced by photographers and artists themselves. And following on from Covid, 100% of the price goes back to the artist. So not only do you get some unique art, but you are also supporting the artist.

We hope that our Analogue Photography Gift Guide has given you some helpful ideas on what to get for your favourite film photographer! If you’re really stuck then get them some Stickers or a Café Royal Books zine. Both are perfect stocking fillers!

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