Paterson Developing Tank for processing all black and white and colour films. The Paterson Multi Reel Developing Tank is available in various formats. This is so a system that will best suit your needs can be built up. In use, the Multi Reel 5 takes up to five 35mm films, or three 120/220 films. The Universal Tank takes 2 35mm reels, or 1 120 reel.

So, the Paterson tank system 4 capacity will vary depending which size you get. Even if you have one of the large tanks you can still process a smaller amount of film in it. Thus using less developer.

A good option if you mainly shoot 120 films is the Multi Reel 5, as you can develop three rolls at the same time. Also good to know, if you already have the Paterson Universal Developing Tank you only need to buy one extra reel for 120.

Simple, Fast and Easy

The Paterson developing tank is simple to load, fast to fill and easy to clean. More so than any other tank. It has a large diameter one piece lid and funnel which clips into place positively and securely. This will enable the tank to be filled and emptied quickly.

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