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Buy CineStill products at Parallax Photographic Coop.

We stock CineStill 50D, also known as 50 Daylight, which is a 50 ISO, daylight balanced motion picture film. Alongside this, we have the 800 ISO, tungsten balanced version, which is called CineStill 800T, or 800 Tungsten.

Also in stock is their black and white film, BWXX or Double-X. A 200 ISO film you can process in normal black and white chemistry.

Film Photography Brands

Come see all the best film photography brands at Parallax Photographic Coop UK. 100s of products from photography film, darkroom chemistry, and paper.

We stock products from the most popular analogue photography brands like Fuji, Ilford, Foma, and Kodak. You can also buy products from Adox, AgfaPhoto, and CineStill. Impossible, Kentmere and Japan Camera Hunter. Other brands available are Fotospeed, Hahnemuhle, and Kaiser.  In addition Paterson, Printfile, SanDisk, and Tetenal.

Fresh from the suppliers, we get the best quality products for our customers. As a result, we stock all the most popular photographic supplies. Come buy your 35mm and 120 film.

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Ultimately, Parallax Photographic Coop is the best film photography shop in London, UK. Parallax sells photography supplies and cameras from a shop in Brixton.