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Zero Image 2000 Super Deluxe Back to Nature Pinhole Camera

Zero Image 2000 Deluxe Back to Nature Pinhole Camera uses 120 roll film and produces 6×6 format images. This model includes a cable release adapter, a bubble spirit level and a filter adapter ring.

Learn more about shooting pinhole in our Guide to Pinhole Photography.

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Zero Image 2000 Super Deluxe Back to Nature Pinhole Camera

Zero Image 2000 Super Deluxe Back to Nature Pinhole Camera is a medium format camera with a cable release, filter adapter and spirit level. It will give you square 6×6 format images.

The Zero Image 2000 BTN Pinhole Camera has a 0.001″ brass shim. This precision pinhole will match up accurately with film stop numbers. In turn, this will create sharper images. The Super Deluxe has the advantage of a cable release, a 52mm filter adapter and a spirit level.

The Back to Nature series of cameras is made of solid brass and high-quality teak wood. And they have an eco-friendly hard wax-oil finish.

Every Zero Image pinhole camera has a serial number etched on a beautiful brass plate. This can be found inside the camera. As well as a signed certificate of authenticity in each box. In addition, you will find step-by-step instructions, complete with illustrations, on how to use the camera.


Material: Teak Wood Weight: 250 gm
Focal Length: 25mm Tripod socket: 1/4″ Thread
Pinhole Size: 0.18mm Zone Plate (Optional): 25mm w/9 zones
Angle of View: 130° diagonally
Dimension: 5 1/4″ (L) x 1 3/4″ (D) x 3 1/4″(H) including all knobs
Film Stop: F/138 for pinhole, F/45 for zone plate
Film Format: 120 Roll film in 6 x 6 format (not compatible with some Chinese brands)

Zero Image

Zero Image have made hand-made wooden pinhole camera in Hong Kong since 1999. The company founder Zernike Au is a pinhole enthusiast.  Before he made his first Zero Image camera, Au was a successful product designer.

The art of pinhole photography and the beauty of antique wooden cameras fascinated Au. So, he made a decision to make a compact wooden pinhole camera which could accept roll film (at that time 4×5 was the only format available on the market). He also wanted his camera to have all the necessary functions and be easy to use. To do this, he began from Zer0.

Zero Image produce pinhole cameras because they embody the original technology of photography. Their aim is to preserve this heritage and share this ancient method of self-expression with more people. Pinhole photography is very simple and easy with Zero Image cameras. You don’t need to invest large amounts of money for photographic equipment. Additionally, you won’t have to carry heavy equipment when you go into the field. Ultimately, the use of these pinhole cameras ensures that your creativity will remain unlimited.

Learn more about shooting pinhole cameras in our Guide to Pinhole Photography.


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Bubble Spirit Level / Cable Release Adapter / Filter Adapter


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