Harman Phoenix 200 Film Review

Harman Phoenix 200 Film Review

Here is our Harman Phoenix 200 Film Review. We shot a roll in our Contax G2. So, take a look at our film review and see what you think.

You may have heard the news. A brand new colour film has arrived from Harman Photo! Harman Phonenix 200 is the first ever colour film made entirely from emulsion to cassette at the Harman factory here in the UK. Of course, we couldn’t wait to try a roll out for ourselves.

So, for our Harman Phoenix 200 film review, we put a roll in our Contax G2 and took it out around Brixton in South London.

Strong Colours

This is Harman Photo‘s first go at a colour film, as a first try it has characteristics of a more experimental film. That means you get strong colours and contrast, noticeable grain and halation in the highlights. Expecting these elements, we took our images with this in mind.

Golden Hour

Being December, the golden hour is earlier this time of year. We managed to catch the end of a cold sunny day, with that lovely warm glow. This really comes across in the images. We wouldn’t call the colours true to life, they are more impressionistic. The rough grain adds a nice feel to the images.

This is a contrasty film. You won’t hold too much detail in the shadows or highlights. However, if you keep this in mind when shooting it isn’t a problem.

Limited Edition

Overall, we were pleased with the results. It’s very exciting to have a new colour film to try out. Especially as this will lead to more colour film from Harman in the future.

Phoenix is a limited edition. Harman will use all the sales of this film to go towards their next iteration. So please do support it and pick up a roll or two!

Film: Harman Phoenix 200
Format: 35mm
Rated at: 200 ISO
Shot on: Contax G2
Location: Brixton
Developed and Scanned: Photofusion

Harman Phoenix 200 Brixton Department Store 10

Harman Phoenix 200 Brixton Reliance Arcade 20

Harman Phoenix 200 Brixton Market Row 28

Harman Phoenix 200 Brixton Atlantic Road 29

Harman Phoenix 200 Brixton Village 31

Harman Phoenix 200 Pop Brixton 35


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