Ilford PanF 50 Plus Film Review

Ilford PanF Plus 50 Film Review

Here is our Ilford PanF Plus 50 Film Review. We shot a roll on our Contax G2. So, check out our film review and see what you think.

The sun was shining outside the shop and we thought it was a good time to try a low-speed, fine-grain film. Ilford PanF Plus 50 fits the bill perfectly. So, we put a roll of Ilford PanF 50 in our Contax G2 and took it out around the Brixton Recreation Centre, where our shop is based.

Super Sharp

Ilford describes PanF as high contrast and super sharp. We have to agree with them. The fine grain and sharp contrast really suited the strong, graphic lines of the brutalist Brixton Rec.

This film worked well with the strong sunlight. Partly, because Ilford PanF needs lots of light. So the sunshine made it easy to handhold these shots, despite the low, 50 ISO. Secondly, it captured the contrast well, whilst still keeping detail in the highlights and shadows.

We really like the smooth, fine grain and varied, grey midtones. The images came out nice and crisp, even though they are 35mm. The grain structure and contrast make it distinct from the equally fine-grain Delta range. An often-overlooked Ilford film, we’re glad we gave it a try for our Ilford PanF Plus 50 film review. If you’ve got the light, we would definitely recommend giving this film a go.

Film: Ilford PanF Plus 50
Format: 35mm
Rated at: 50 ISO
Shot on: Contax G2
Location: Brixton, South London
Developed: Home developed in Ilford LC29

Ilford PanF 50 Plus 35mm Black and White Film

Brixton Recreation Centre George Finch Brutalism

Ilford PanF Film Review

Ilford Film Review Brixton Recreation Centre George Finch

Brixton Recreation Centre, London
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PanF 50 Brixton Recreation Centre Black and White Film

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