Ilford Photo Delta 100 35mm Film

Ilford Photo Delivery

This week’s new arrival is our first delivery from Ilford.

We now stock all the best Ilford films, papers and chemistry. Being one of the most highly regarded names in film photography, and a hugely popular brand with you guys, Ilford had to be one of the first deliveries through the door.

As Ilford produce so many products, we have started by stocking the most popular. There is even more on the way, but please do contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for. We will happily order items we don’t have when they are requested.

You can see all our new stock up on the shop site, but here is what we now have:

Multigrade Resin Coated Glossy Paper
Multigrade Resin Coated Pearl Paper
Multigrade Resin Coated Satin Paper
Multigrade FB Classic MattMultigrade FB Classic Glossy
Multigrade FB Warmtone Semi-Matt
Multigrade FB Warmtone GlossyFP4 Plus 125HP5 Plus 400Delta 100
Delta 400Delta 3200XP2 Super 400
Ilfotec DD-X
PQ Universal
Multigrade Paper Developer
Ilfotec HC Film Developer
Ilfosol 3 Film Developer
Ilfotec LC29 Film Developer
Warmtone Paper Developer
Harman Selenium Toner
Rapid Fixer

Ilford Photo

Running since 1879, Ilford Photo (better known just as Ilford) is still the name in black-and-white photographic supplies, offering a wide range of high-quality film, paper and chemistry. A thoroughly British brand, Ilford is still based and manufacture in Mobberley, Cheshire.


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