Impossible Color 600 Instant Film Shot

Impossible Color 600 Film Review

Here is our Impossible Color 600 Film Review. We shot a roll on our Polaroid 636 Close Up. So, have a look at our film test and see what you think.

Impossible took over the old Polaroid factory when Polaroid ceased trading in 2008. They then had to start the process of creating instant film from scratch. We shot this not long before they resurrected the brand as Polaroid Originals.

Although they vary a bit from the old Polaroids, they do still retain their unique qualities. They aren’t as instant as they once were. However, they do have that soft, dreamy look everyone loves.

The colours are quite muted. Although, that was expected and is part of the look. We got decent contrast, a bit softer than the black and white version.

When it comes to shooting instant film, these definitely delivery that retro feel.

If you like the look of these shots you should try out some of the current Polaroid films. Then have a look at our Polaroid 600 Round Frame Edition Film Review to see a newer version of Polaroid 600 film.

Film: Impossible Color 600
Format: Polaroid 600 
Shot on: Polaroid 636 Close Up
Location: Brixton, South London

Impossible Color 600 Film Review
Brixton Recreation Center Instant Film
Brixton Station Road Instant Film
Impossible Color 600 Film Review

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