Polaroid 600 Color Round Frames Instant Film Review

Here is our Polaroid 600 Color Round Frames Film Review. We shot a pack on our Polaroid 635CL. So, have a look at our film test and see what you think.

Polaroid 600 is the most popular of the Polaroid Instant Films. It fits in all those old Polaroid cameras that were made between the 1980s to the 2000s. We thought we’d give the Round Frame Edition a go. So, for our Polaroid 600 Color Round Frames Instant Film Review, we put a pack in our Polaroid 635CL and took it out to Ruskin Park in South London.

It’s been a while since we shot Polaroids for a film review. In fact, when we did our last review it was still called Impossible. You can read a bit more about how Impossible resurrected Polaroid here. We thought we’d see how this latest generation performed, knowing that Polaroid is constantly working on improving the quality of their film. And, we weren’t disappointed.

Alongside improved quality, we were also tempted by the new Round Frame version of the film. The circles make a nice way of framing each image, as well as an extra element of chance for each composition. Considering each film pack comes with 8 shots, we were conscious of trying to get 6 good ones for our review. We were really happy with our results, imperfections and all.

Retro Feel

The retro, soft feel of the images can even make mistakes look pleasing. The focus didn’t always hit the mark on our Polaroid 635CL, but the colours came out well. Less muted than the earlier versions and more richness in the blacks. These were all shot in daylight, mostly without flash. We think the ones with strong shadows in them worked best.

As for the technical side, we put the freshly exposed images back into the box to keep them away from light. The initial image came up in about 10 minutes but took at least half an hour to fully develop. We could check how the composition looked, and get a rough idea of the exposure. The shadows were the element that took the longest to develop. All the images looked better when we came back to them later in the day.


Overall, it was a fun experience shooting Polaroids again for this Polaroid 600 Color Round Frames Instant Film Review. And, because of their warm, soft colours, made everyday scenes more dreamlike. Plus, the round frames added an extra dimension that elevated otherwise ordinary images. We’ll definitely be loading up another pack soon!

Film: Polaroid 600 Color Round Frames
Format: Polaroid 600
Shot on: Polaroid 635CL
Location: Ruskin Park, South London

Polaroid 600 Color Round Frames Instant Film Review. Table tennis bat and ball.

Bench in sunlight on Polaroid 600 instant film.

Out of focus daisies on Polaroid 600 film.

Basket ball hoop shot on Polaroid 600 Round Frame Film Review.

Ruskin Park, South London. Polaroid 600 Color Round Frame Editions.

Polaroid 600 Color Round Frames Instant Film Review. Airplane above Ruskin Park

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