How To Get The Best From Your Reusable Film Camera

How To Get The Best From Your Reusable Film Camera

Reusable Cameras are a perfect way to get into shooting film. Read on to find out how to get the best from your reusable or disposable film camera.

Reusable cameras are budget-priced cameras with plastic lenses. Basically, they are very similar to disposable cameras, but they have the advantage that you can use them again. They are a great starting point if you want to start taking photos on film.

Both of these kinds of cameras have straightforward controls. It’s worth keeping a few things in mind when using them. So, whether you are using a Reusable or Disposable here are some tips to get the best images out of them.

1. Keep Your Distance

Check the distance the camera recommends. This is generally between 4-10 feet. This not only gives you an idea of the best focus distance, but also the best distance for the exposure of the flash. If you are too close or too far your image won’t be in focus.

Disposable Camera Tips - Too close out of focus
Subject too close
Reusable Camera Tips - Too far out of focus
Subject too far

2. Flash On

It’s almost always best to use the flash. This will make sure you have enough light on your subject. Remember these cameras have one aperture and one shutter speed. The flash is designed to give you the best exposure with the camera setup. If you are outside on a sunny day, then you can leave the flash off.

After taking a photo make sure the flash has charged up, ready for the next one. Some disposables have a button you press to get the flash ready. Others have a switch, don’t forget to turn it on!

Reusable Camera Tips - Flash off too dark
Flash off
Disposable camera tips - Flash on good exposure
Flash on

3. Stay Centered

Put your subject in the middle of the frame. These cameras use plastic lenses and the image can be soft and distorted around the edges of the frame. 

Agfa Reusable Camera Tips - Centre of frame in focus
Image distorts at the edges of the frame

4. Hold Still

Hold the camera steady. They are lightweight, so it’s easy to move the camera whilst pressing the shutter button down. Lean against something solid or hold the camera close to your body, especially in lower light.

Disposable Camera Tips - Camera shake out of focus
Camera shake means nothing is in focus

5. 400 Speed

We would always recommend 400 ISO film with these cameras. The combination of aperture, shutter speed and flash are made to work with this film speed. If trying different film speeds faster speeds will work best. Slower speeds are more likely to be underexposed.

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