Polaroid Black and White SX-70 Film Review

Polaroid Black and White SX-70 Film Review

Here is our Polaroid Black and White SX-70 Film Review. We shot a pack in our Polaroid SX-70 camera. So, take a look at our film review and see what you think.

Alongside film for their current i-Type model and the popular 600 cameras of the 80s and 90s, Polaroid makes film for the classic SX-70. The SX-70 Land Camera, first manufactured in 1972, was the first to use the integral print film still made today. We thought we’d try some out and see how it compared to i-Type Film. So, for our Polaroid Black and White SX-70 Film Review, we loaded a pack in our SX-70 Land Camera and took it out around Brixton in South London.

Rich Tones

This film has a lower speed than Polaroid i-Type and 600, giving you a finer grain. You also get richer mid-tones and excellent contrast, with strong blacks in the shadows. Because of the 160 ISO, and no inbuilt flash on the camera, it’s worth noting you do need bright light when shooting.

While still retaining that dreamy Polaroid look, these images have a punchiness you don’t get from the faster film. Partly, this is down to the quality of the glass lens on the SX-70 cameras. And the lower film speed imbues the images with a richness and contrast that gives them a sharper feel.

These cameras are SLRs so the framing is as you see it through the viewfinder. And the ability to manually adjust the focus gives you more control over your image. The combination of the camera and SX-70 emulsion really does produce beautiful images.

Film: Polaroid Black and White SX-70 Film
Format: Polaroid SX-70
Shot on: Polaroid SX-70
Location: Brixton, South London

Polaroid SX-70 B&W Brixton 2

Polaroid SX-70 B&W Brixton Tree

Polaroid SX-70 B&W Brixton Recreation Center

Polaroid SX-70 B&W Brixton 3

Polaroid SX-70 B&W Brixton Recreation Center Beehive Place

Polaroid SX-70 B&W Brixton Flats and Tree


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