Kodak Film and Chemistry

Buy Kodak film and chemistry at Parallax Photographic Coop. Shop all the best photography brands at Parallax Photographic Coop UK. 100s of products from photography film, darkroom chemistry and paper.

Most Popular Film

Kodak Colorplus 35mm is our most popular film. Have a look at one of our Colorplus reviews, then how our customers shoot colorplus.

Next up is Kodak Portra 400 120, the professionals first choice.  Read our Portra 400 120 Film Review and see how You Shoot Portra 400.

There’s more choice with Ultramax, Gold and Ektar.

Kodak Film

You can load up on Film. Try out the professionals favourite, Kodak Portra 400 120. Read our Kodak Portra Reviews, then check out how our customers shoot Portra 400. If you’re shooting 35mm, give Colorplus or Gold a go, both popular choices. Or, go black and white and pick a roll of classic Tri-X 400.

Kodak Chemicals

Buy black and white film developers, both powder and liquid. Have you tried the classic HC-110? This is a great all-rounder and good for Stand Development. As well as powder developers, such as D-76 and Dektol.

We stock products from the most popular brands like Fuji, Ilford, Foma and Tetenal. There are also products from Adox, AgfaPhoto and CineStill. Impossible Project, Kentmere and Japan Camera Hunter. Other brands available are Fotospeed, Hahnemuhle and Kaiser.  In addition Paterson, Printfile, SanDisk and Tetenal.

From these suppliers, we get the highest quality products for our customers. As a result stock all the most popular photographic supplies.

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