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Kodak Ultramax 400 35mm Film 24 Exposures

Kodak Ultramax 400 35mm Film is a worry-free, easy-to-use high-speed film designed for snapshooters. A good choice for general film photography. So, perfect for your point and shoot.

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Kodak Ultramax 400 35mm Film 24 Exposures

Kodak Ultramax 400 35mm Film 24 Exposures is a worry-free and easy-to-use high-speed film. A good choice for snapshooters. So, perfect for your point and shoot.

Primarily, Ultramax 400 film gives you flexibility and will help to take more consistent pictures. It has good low-light picture quality with fewer underexposures. Plus, it has a great flash range for better “stop-action” photos.

Even when you enlarge Kodak Ultramax 400, you get excellent sharpness. As well as fine grain,  for crisp, clear photos. Plus, Kodak colour precision technology will give you bright, vibrant colours. Alongside accurate skin-tone reproduction for natural-looking people pictures.

Ultimately, Ultramax 400 35mm Film is an affordable way to try high-speed Kodak colours. Also available in 36 Exposures.

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Kodak Film Availability

The current Kodak stock availability issues are expected to last until the end of 2021. For more information read our update.

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