Paterson Film Squeegee

Paterson Film Squeegee is used to remove excess water from your film straight after processing. Use the squeegee after washing and wetting agent soak.

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Paterson Film Squeegee

The Paterson Film Squeegee is part of the equipment you use when you develop film. It will help you remove excess water from the surface of the film. You use the squeegee after you wash and soak the film in wetting agent.

Hold the film at one end and slowly pull the squeegee down the film. This will take off any water on the surface and thus reduce water marks when dry.

Always make sure to check the squeegee blades before you wipe down the film. Any dust on the blades can leave scratches. Replacement blades are available.

You can find all the equipment you need to process film here.


Film Developing Kit

The Paterson Film Squeegee is included in the Paterson Film Processing Kit. If you want the full home film developing kit then have a look at our Film Processing Bundles. Everything you need in one bundle. Along with the Paterson Kit, they come with a Paterson Changing Bagchemical storage bottles, and, with the C41 Kit, a Paterson Colour Thermometer.


How To Develop Film

If you are interested in developing your own black and white film then you will want to get some chemicals, which you can find here. And, if you need equipment, we’ve got that too.

If you would like to learn more about developing your own film, you should read our guides How To Develop Black And White Film and How To Develop Colour Film. Both guides will walk you through each step of developing film at home.

Also, check out How To Develop Film At Home for a list of everything you’ll need. How To Prepare Film Developing Chemistry will explain how to get your chemicals ready for processing. Once you’re ready to go, find your Black And White Film Developing Times.

You can explore further and look at How To Stand Develop Film and Pushing and Pulling Film.

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