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Washi A 12 35mm Film 36 Exposures

Washi A 12 35mm Film made from film stock that is usually used as leader and protection during the reproduction process of motion picture films.

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Washi A 12 35mm Film

Washi A 12 35mm Film is a 12 ISO black and white orthochromatic film. It is made from film stock that is usually used as leader and protection during the reproduction process of motion picture films.

It is sensitised to record technical data and offers a very fine grain and a very high contrast. 12 ISO is a very low speed, so you will need a lot of light. Washi Film recommends shooting in daylight, as A doesn’t respond as well to tungsten light. Try bracketing when you shoot this film, as it can easily overexpose the sky.


Develop Washi A

You can develop Washi A in standard black and white developers. Have a look at the Data Sheet for processing times.


 Speciality Films

Washi Speciality Films are coated by machines in other factories but are not made for regular photography. They may have been designed for exposition through automatic machines. So emulsions like motion picture sound or leader film. Or, not even made to record visible light, like an X-ray film. Some others were manufactured for governmental or military uses, such as surveillance films. However, these films can be hacked to use in artistic or fun ways. Film Washi converts these film to standard formats so that you can shoot them.


Film Washi

Launched in 2013 and based in Brittany, France, Film Washi is the world’s smallest film company. Specialised in making handcrafted film and industrial film conversion. Film Washi offers a wide range of unique and innovative films, including the original Washi W.


Film Photography

And, if you’re new to film check out our Beginners Guide To Film Photography. Also have a look at our guides to ApertureShutter Speed and Film Speed. Then check out the other film we have in stock.


Which Is The Best Film To Choose?

Have you just got hold of a film camera and not sure where to start. We have lots of films to choose from, but you might be wondering which is the best one for you? Then read our guide Choose Your Film. It will give you a good starting point and a clear idea of what the different films do.

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