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Dubblefilm Stereo 35mm Film 36 Exposures

Dubblefilm Stereo is a film which starts with a full frame red tint and fades to blue for the final part.

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Dubblefilm Stereo 35mm Film 36 Exposures

Dubblefilm Stereo is a film which starts with a full-frame red tint and fades to blue for the final part. Results will vary depending on shooting conditions but expect something truly surprising every time

Dubble and Revolog have joined forces to create a bunch of new experimental films. Created using both digital and analogue manipulation applied directly onto 35mm film. This produces an effect or tint throughout the frames. Each look is different depending on the shooting conditions. Originally Kodak film that is pre-exposed to get an effect. Dubblefilms offer a range of effects and tonal variations that really add a twist to the already exciting world of film photography.

Dubblefilm Solar is 200 ISO colour negative film with 24 exposures. It requires standard C-41 processing.

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Dubblefilm Daily

The Daily range from Dubblefilm is two 400 ISO films for everyday shooting. Daily Color is neutral, with nice clean colours. And, Daily Black & White has soft, smooth tones. Perfect for the Dubblefilm Show Camera.


Dubblefilm Show Camera

Try out the Dubblefilm Show camera. A friendly reusable point-and-shoot analogue camera with a built-in flash. Light and easy to use. The flash makes it great for nighttime shots, or to give your daytime shots a boost. Available in Black, Pink and Turquoise.


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