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Fuji Velvia 100 120 Film Single

Fuji Velvia 100 120 Film Single Professional is a daylight-type high-image-quality color reversal film with an ISO speed rating of 100.

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Fuji Velvia 100 120 Film Single

Fuji Velvia 100 120 Film Single Professional [RVP 100] is a daylight-type high-image-quality colour transparency film with an ISO speed rating of 100.

This film has the world’s highest colour saturation level. This is equal to that of Velvia 50 despite the higher speed.

You will find minimum variation in colour and gradation when you push/pull the film over a range from –1/2 to +1 stop. This will provide a wide range of photo taking opportunities. Fuji Velvia will facilitate fine adjustments in exposure and density during processing. Alongside this, Velvia will allow an increase in speed of up to +2 stops. Meaning you can get an ISO equal to 400, depending on the scene.


E6 Process

As with other FUJICHROME film, worldwide processing available using E-6 / CR-56 / C6R chemicals.


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