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Ilford ID-11 Film Developer 5L

Ilford ID-11 Film Developer 1L is a powdered, fine grain, black and white film developer. Ideal for use with a wide range of black and white films.


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Ilford ID-11 Film Developer 5L

Ilford ID-11 Film Developer 5L is a powdered, fine grain, black and white film developer. Ideal for use with a wide range of black and white films.

ID-11 will give you fine grain negatives without any loss of emulsion speed. It is worth a mention, that ID-11 is known as the industry standard powder developer. It ensures the best balance of fine grain, sharpness and tonal rendition. Fine-grain will give you negatives that allow for a high degree of enlargement.

This is a developer that will give you excellent results with all films. Incredibly versatile, it is ideal where a wide range of films and film speeds have been used.

If you use this as a stock solution there is no need to mix up developer each time. Simply prepare the stock, and reuse the developer until exhausted. Ilford recommends reusing it for up to 10 films. If you decide to use it one-shot, simply discard after use.


Powder Developer

Another benefit, Ilford ID11 is a powder developer, making it light and easy to travel with.

All in all, ID-11 is a great choice as a classic, all-round developer. It is also available in 1L packs.

Ilford ID-11 packs contain two parts, A and B. Always make up the developer stock solution to the volume stated on the pack. Do not attempt to prepare smaller quantities by using fractional parts of each powder.

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How To Use

As it is a powder, you dilute it to make a stock solution first. To prepare Ilford ID-11 1L stock, dissolve the contents of part A in 3.75 litres of warm water at about 40ºC. Stir until the powder has dissolved. Then continue to stir, while gradually adding the contents of Part B. Keep stirring until no more powder dissolves. Add 1.25 litres of cold water to make up 5 litres and stir. Allow this to cool to room temperature, then the developer is then ready to use. Store in a tightly capped bottle until needed for use.

Ilford ID-11 can either be used as a stock solution, or it can be diluted further with water for one-shot processing. You can dilute 1+1. That means one part stock solution to one part water. Or you can dilute 1+3. So that is one part stock solution to three parts water. Prepare these working solutions from the stock solution directly before they are needed. Always make sure you mix together thoroughly before use.


How To Develop Film

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