Kentmere PAN 400 120 Film

Kentmere 400 120 Film is one of the cheapest black and white films we sell. It offers impressively fine grain and sharpness and medium contrast, while performing well under a variety of lighting conditions.

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Kentmere PAN 400 120 Film

Kentmere PAN 400 120 Film is one of the cheapest black and white films we sell. It offers impressively fine grain and sharpness, with medium contrast and performs well under various lighting conditions.

Kentmere 400 will give you a higher film speed than its Kentmere 100 partner, useful when you need a higher ISO.

Due to its reliability and low cost, it is very popular as an introductory film for new film users. It’s also a firm favourite for film photographers on a budget. When you handle it well, it can punch well above its price tag.

These days made by Ilford Photo, Kentmere films are well known for their quality and reliability. If you’ve never shot Kentmere before, they are well worth a try. We think the results will impress. And you will save yourself some money in the process.

Kentmere film is also available in 35mm.


Kentmere Film Review

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