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Kono Delight Art 100 35mm Film

A colour tinted film from Kono, based on first-class professional film stock.

Each roll is carefully tinted by the professionals at Kono! You will get a completely new look from the carefully altered hue, saturation and contrast created by Kono.


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Kono Delight Art 100 35mm Film

Kono Delight Art 100 35mm Film is a colour tinted film. Based on first-class professional film stock.

With each roll, the professionals at Kono will carefully tint the film. You get a completely new look from the specifically altered hue, saturation and contrast created by Kono.

To make the KONO! Delight Art 100 possible, a whole new machine was built. The film is still made by hand and is a time-consuming process. But, all the crucial parameters are now in place for complete digital control. This means steady, consistent results and at the same time, as gentle to the film stock as imaginable.


Experimental Emulsion

After nearly 30 years of professional experience working with film stock, gave Kono the know-how to design and build the machines to create these experimental emulsions.

Made by hand using “The Reanimator”- a device developed by KONO!  Ultimately a high-quality process that will pre-expose the film for consistently great results. Any mini-lab will be able to process and scan KONO! films. Develop in C-41 chemistry. This is a 100 ISO speed film.



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