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CineStill DF96 Developer And Fix Monobath 1L

A liquid black and white combined developer and fix. Easy to use. A simple way to process black and white film at any room temperature (20-28°C). You can develop 16 rolls of film with 1L of Monobath.

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CineStill DF96 Developer And Fix Monobath 1L

CineStill DF96 Developer And Fix Monobath 1L is a liquid black and white combined developer and fix. A super simple way to process black and white film at any room temperature (20-28°C). You can develop 16 rolls of film with 1L of Monobath.

No need for Stop Bath or Fixer. We would recommend using Wetting Agent after washing.


Single-Step Processing

The single-step solution in a ready-to-use liquid. Processing all of your black and white film at home is easier than ever with this magical and versatile single-step “Developer-Fix” monobath solution. Like Kodak D96 motion picture developer but with no need for stop bath, fixer, or any other chemicals. Perfect for processing CineStill BWXX, along with any other black and white film. No special charts, timers or apps are needed! All you need is a developing tank, thermometer and water. A foolproof self-completing process that guarantees motion picture quality, the smoothest grain structure and crisp tonal curve. Flexible processing in 3-6 minutes at any room temperature (18-35°C). Just wash with water and hang to dry. No more complicated measurements or strict temperatures to deal with. Process all your black and white films in one chemical!

Df96 monobath will easily process any standard black and white film at box speed. It is designed with traditional cubic-grain emulsions in mind. Films like CineStill BWXX, Kodak Tri-X and Ilford HP5, with high silver content, are ideal. It will also work well with modern t-grain films like Kodak T-Max and Ilford Delta. But, it will require double the processing time to clear, and may come out of the bath with pink/purple dyes in the emulsion. This is normal and will fade away. High-speed films such as Kodak T-Max P3200 and Ilford Delta 3200 can be processed at ISOs between 1000-1600, or pushed to 3200 by adding 6°C. All films can be pushed or pulled by adjusting the temperature.


How To Use

There is no need to mix any chemicals up with CineStill Monobath. You simply pour the liquid into your developing tank.

You determine your development and agitation times by the temperature of your solution. For example, at 20°C development time is 6 minutes with minimum agitation. At a higher temperature of 24°C, development is 4 minutes with intermittent agitation. With a high temperature of 27°C, you develop for 3 minutes with constant agitation.

After development is over you can open the tank and view the film. Next, simply pour the liquid back into its bottle to use again. Keep a note of how many rolls have been developed as you’ll want to increase the time by 15 seconds per roll. Finally, wash your film as normal. If you have hard water we recommend using a wetting agent.

Have a look at the full DF96 Processing Instructions PDF. This will show you all the developing times and push/pull recommendations.

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How To Develop Film

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Film Developing Chemicals

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